Synergetic’s Inaugural Hackathon Kicks Off 2017

Synergetic staff have kicked off a 2017 with a creative bang with our inaugural Hackathon. Whilst traditionally centred around developers, all staff across all departments of the company were invited to take part in the 24 hour event. Staff were encouraged to break off into small groups and explore and create new projects that would improve quality products, processes and services, with many creative and out of the box ideas coming out of the session. Some groups focused on development based concepts that could make their way into future versions, whilst some worked on streamlining internal office processes. Others worked on methods to improve the experience our customers receive, and others came up with some savvy new marketing concepts that you could see at a convention throughout the year.

“The event was a huge success,” COO Dean Turner said. “To see our staff embrace the opportunity to be creative and try out some new ideas that will be beneficial for our clients was amazing, and a true testament to the innovative staff we have here at Synergetic.”