“Synergetic are on the ball, it was brilliant”

This comment from Ian “Chook” Fowler Alumni Manger Wesley College Perth, best sums up the highly successful 2014 Educate Plus International Conference.

Record numbers of 700 delegates attended the 3 day event held at Melbourne’s Crown Promenade.

Attracting school Development Managers, Communication Managers, Registrars, Alumni Managers, School Fundraisers and many more, Synergetic proved well placed in showcasing its Development & Fundraising Modules. A number of pre-conference workshops proved popular including a session titled “Community Engagement” conducted by Synergetic Training Manager Anelie Somodio and chaired by Michael Thornton, Director of Community Relations at Firbank Grammar in Brighton Victoria.

Under the direction of Educate Plus CEO, Neil McWhannel, Conference Manager Georgina Gain & her assistant Cathie Vickers-Willis, Synergetic was pleased to be a conference sponsor & exhibitor.