Strategic Partners

SEQTA is an all-encompassing teaching and learning ecosystem that creates beautiful, efficient workflows for teachers. SEQTA brings together the whole school community – teachers, parents, students and school executive staff – while simultaneously reducing teacher workloads.

Students thrive in an online learning environment called SEQTA Learn where they have access to everything they need to learn more effectively, while SEQTA Engage opens the school gates and lets parents engage in the education of their children without creating any extra work for teachers.

SEQTA provides automatic data transfer and synchronisation of key data with Synergetic.

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Complementing the Synergetic HR & Payroll modules the HROnboard app allows your school to create your own employee onboarding portal that gives a great first impression. Automatically generating contracts, sending notifications and assigning tasks will streamline your HR functions.

Validate the new hire to ensure they are eligible to work for you using government TFN & Social Security checks. Automatic checks make sure you will not  have any incorrect or missing data in your completed job offers.

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Schools face a difficult challenge of managing their property knowledge so that it is in a corporately accessible form. OMNILINK have solved this problem by developing AssetWhere™ – a School Property Management Information System that provides a corporate database of maps, plans and property data as a consolidated corporate resource. Using AssetWhere, property information is easily accessed via centralised system that consolidates all building plans, construction detail, assets, and underground services into a map-based interface. This is of immediate value for development planning, and on-going maintenance operations.  AssetWhere integrated to Synergetic via the fmXpert Facilities Management System.

OMNILINK have also implemented StudentWhere™ for a number of Synergetic sites to map student locations and to plan bus transport routes.  Student locations (categorised by year group, transport mode, etc) can be plotted on a map via a direct connection to the Synergetic database.

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Consent2Go is a platform designed to provide streamlined school workflows that goes beyond converting a manual or paper process into a digital one. We bring an end to end solution to enable the complete risk management and planning of incursions, excursions and tours, including communication and approval from parents. We also process payments and maintain a fully functional health record.





SchoolBox – Technology to transform K-12 Schools, is a virtual learning environment (VLE) that brings together everything in one place for K-12. It’s a unique all-in-one learning management system (LMS), portal and intranet which is self or cloud hosted, integrated, flexible and secure.

Simplify communication, collaboration, learning at your school with Schoolbox. Teacher – Simplify your day and workflows, engage your students and facilitate better learning outcomes. Student – It’s everything you need in one place. Admin – Bring your school online, centralise and integrate your systems. Parent – Take part in your child’s learning journey and school community. Share, teach and learn online with Schoolbox.

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