The Synergetic Web application provides academic staff online access to the Synergetic database. An easy to use and customisable interface allows staff to carry out all of their day to day academic activities efficiently and securely.

Synergetic Community Portal is designed to keep parents and students fully informed with all your school’s relevant information.

Our terminals integrate with your school’s server – allowing you to automate sign in and out by students entering or leaving the premises.

Synergetic for iPhone/iPad/Android is a feature rich application that integrates with your organisation’s server. Our unique system easily allows you to access important features of the Synergetic Management System directly from your mobile device.

The sharing of information becomes effortless through Synergetic Windows full integration with the Microsoft Office suite of programs. At the click of a mouse Synergetic assimilates information; efficiently and securely stores it and gives access across a range of roles with appropriate access levels decided by you.

Built specifically to cater for the timetabling needs of primary schools, Primary Time can be used by any primary school on your laptop or fully integrate with the complete Synergetic suite. For more information visit: