Schools face a difficult challenge of managing their property knowledge so that it is in a corporately accessible form. OMNILINK have solved this problem by developing AssetWhere™ – a School Property Management Information System that provides a corporate database of maps, plans and property data as a consolidated corporate resource. Using AssetWhere, property information is easily accessed via centralised system that consolidates all building plans, construction detail, assets, and underground services into a map-based interface. This is of immediate value for development planning, and on-going maintenance operations.  AssetWhere integrated to Synergetic via the fmXpert Facilities Management System.

OMNILINK have also implemented StudentWhere™ for a number of Synergetic sites to map student locations and to plan bus transport routes.  Student locations (categorised by year group, transport mode, etc) can be plotted on a map via a direct connection to the Synergetic database.